Friday, December 21, 2012

Quick Takes (16)

if this is the end of the world, you should probably be doing something more important than reading this post...but if those dumbo Mayans were incorrect, read on....

[1] the world's ending! the world's ending! yeah yeah yeah...I've been hearing so much about this it makes me sick. My biggest issue with it is that aren't we supposed to be living each day like it's our last? Didn't Jesus say that we wouldn't know the day nor the hour? so...yeah. I'm not too concerned. The way I see it, if the world doesn't end, I have a great life ahead of me, but if it DOES end, I have a shot at heaven. win-win.

[2] all of my roommates have been gone this week and while I liked it for awhile, now at every creak and moan of the house, I jump. I was talking to my bff Carolyn last night and I'm pretty sure I popped her eardrum when the dishes on my drying rack shifted slightly and scared the begeegees out of me. Sorry Carol.


[4] SPEAKING OF CHRISTMAS IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going home tonight for my two weeks off and

[5] Look at my precious goddaughter. ohemgee.

[6] I checked out more than just the DVD section of the public library today and after venturing outside of my usual fiction/fantasy/utopian-society comfort zone and found myself lost in the non-fiction area. I was so scared. Especially when I found this gem:

[7] in other news, I watched the entire first season of Friends this week. don't judge me for also renting these:

hopefully Jen's still hosting this THAT would be the end of the world!


  1. I jump out of my skin when I'm home alone too! Your goddaughter is adorable. What a precious little girl! I definitely have watched the Kardashians too, so no judging here - I just don't do it with the babies in the room :)
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Love the GodDaughter (and now she is breaking out of the swaddler)! Did you watch the movie "The Panic Years?"


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