Friday, November 9, 2012

quick takes (12) which I give you a [not so] rare peek into the life of moi

Not much upsets me. In truth, I'm a pretty easy-going person and I can let things roll off of my shoulders.
But having an interview/debate published IN THE UNIVERSITY PAPER without my consent irked me slightly.


I'm honestly worried for our country and the liberties we hold so dear to our hearts...but yet have hope that the courts will rule in the Church's favor on the Religious Liberty issue.
Also, it's nice to be able to concentrate on things other than the election once again.

Today is a sad parents are taking our beloved dog to be put down this evening.
Murphy's been such a loving, sweet, and honestly, perfect dog and he will be dearly missed.

I keep watching this video and am getting suuuper pumped to go to the 2013 SFLA Conference.
yayyy babies!

This week has gone by surprisingly fast, but I was able to make it out with some of my favorite ladies on Wednesday night to an Irish pub with live Gaelic music. What a blast! Good beer, good music, and cute old women staying out wayyyy past their bedtimes ;)
Also, Grandma, there were a couple of accordion players there, and I thought of you :)

I don't know if Veronica will ever post about this, but I just have to share this picture.

Apparently, Anne (pictured) needed to be labelled with permanent marker by her older sister.

And finally, I have a prayer request.
I got a call yesterday afternoon from my chaplain at ISU about the need for pregnancy resources for a couple out in BloNo. They're students and she is 6 weeks pregnant...her parents are pressuring her into having an abortion this weekend (at home) and despite both the girl and her boyfriend's desire to not have an abortion, the young woman feels that she has no other options.
Please join me in praying that everyone involved is spared the heartache and pain of abortion!
St. Gianna Molla, pray for us!

Have a fab weekend! I'll be in Peoria for our banquet...check out Jen for some more quickies!


  1. I'm sorry about your dog. And I will definitely be praying about #7!

  2. So many emotions in this post! How will I cover them all?? First of all, Look at you, moving up in the world ;) now on a more serious note, very sorry to hear about Murphy :( Third of all, I'm super jealous about the Irish pub! Wish I coulda been there. Fourth of all, prayers coming her way. Fifth of all, this numbering system is getting out of hand, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the forehead labeling picture.

    That is all.

    Oh! except I forgot one thing--I miss you! Now, that is all.


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