Saturday, October 30, 2010

just dance

I think my friends and I are magnets for awkward situations. It seems surreal, but seriously, awkward/funny/weird things ALWAYS happen to us!

We had a Halloween party last night, which was meant to be a pretty big party, but we only invited people that we knew and didn't really expect too many people to bring/invite random people. We mainly did this because if there was an issue with people being too rowdy or loud or something, we would have a lot easier time settling down/kicking out someone we're friends with compared to some random dude no one knows.

While there were no issues of that nature [thank God], within the first 15 mins of the party, barely anyone was there, and all of the sudden some random guy walks in. He starts introducing himself to everyone and one of our friends mentioned that he looked familiar from the Newman center or something, but it was so awkward. He walked around our apartment looking at our art and stuff asking questions, or randomly following one of us into our bedrooms...after about 30 mins, he left but oh my gosh. It was awkward.

The rest of the party went really well, there weren't really any major issues or any more awkward situations, but that one sticks out. Also, I realized that as nice it was to not have to go anywhere and then walk home at like 2:30am, I really didn't enjoy hosting a big party. We rearranged the whole apartment and cleaned and decorated, and by the time all that was over, the party hadn't even begun and all I wanted was a nap! And then the whole night I was watching everyone worrying that they were having a good time..I guess it's mainly my own fault, that I need to just chill and have a good time, but my roommate was worried that the cops were going to get called for noise, so there was that concern in the back of my head. I don't's not that I'll never have another big party, we have three 21st birthdays coming up in the next few months, so there'll likely be parties for those, but it wasn't as fun as I expected. :/ Oh well.

Tonight we're just going to a friends to hangout and party in a smaller group, so that will probably be more fun because I can just relax and have a good time. Nice.

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