Wednesday, October 13, 2010

born to be wild

I just wanna be bad.

blow off some firecrackers, TP a house, go crazy. SOMETHING.

This has been the topic of my apartment for quite some time...I feel like all we do is homework and hangout. Granted, only one of us is of drinking age, so karaoke bars, etc are out of the question, but I'm so bored!!! Last weekend we actually did some fun stuff...ran a 5K with our newman center, had a bbq/concert thing...and then ended off the day with a roadtrip to U of I where we got lost and were almost eaten by coyotes. Good times.

That's good and all, but I feel like I need I WANT that constant rush of adrenaline!

Today, in my Culture of War class, we were talking about "The Lust of the Eye". You may recognize this from the Bible, but the author of the book we are reading talks in depth on this subject. One of the parts of the lust of the eye that he identifies is the "Delight in Destruction" and my professor asked who out of us would like to blow something up right now. As expected, all of the people who raised their hands, minus one, were guys. And no, that one girl who raised her hand was not me. But I wanted to. I really think it would be great fun to go shoot off some fireworks, or bottlerockets, or whatever they're called! The fire, the noise, the smoke, the thrill!!!

Actually, what I REALLY want to do right now is jump in a car [preferably a convertible] and drive somewhere...maybe CA? CO? Mexico? I don't really care, I just want to get out, do something. NOW.

But no. I'm a student. I have class. I have to be at work in t-minus 30 mins. But I will do something. ANYTHING. eventually.

maybe I'll become a runner....

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