Wednesday, October 20, 2010

learning how to learn

I had another realization today as I was leaving my Morality class [that's not the actual name for it, it's called Rights and Wrongs, but all we ever talk about is morality, thus why I call it that...]. But anyways...I was walking towards my Cognition class and trying to fight the temptation to skip my last 2 classes in order to take a nap before work. But don't worry, I was a good student and went to class. The reason, however, why I made the conscious decision to not skip anymore classes this semester [or ever] was because it just hit me that everyone keeps telling me that these college that I am living through right now [eek!!!] will be some of the best years of your life. Most of the time though, I feel like we're all just trudging through these years trying to "get through" school and get on with our "lives". WHAT THE HECK?! I should be so fired up to go to class and LEARN! Granted, I have about 4 more years of school left before I'm in the real "real world", but still! After you graduate, except for maybe occasional work-mandated lessons, this is our last chance to soak up as much knowledge as possible!

I'll be honest, this semester I somewhat hate 2 of my classes. I'm in the lastof my gen ed courses, The Culture of War and Rights and Wrongs. Not that these aren't "intriguing" classes, but I am so eager to just learn about things that pertain to my goal in life [marriage and family counseling], that I find it very hard to pay attention in these classes! But even so, they still contain information that I should be paying attention to!

So, long story [it's not really that long, but it was an extensive discussion in my head that I won't subject you to] short, for the rest of the day, I was intent on maintaining my focus, and was fairly successful! I find that anything can be interesting if you're only open to listening.

 I don't skip a lot of classes. This entire semester, I may have skipped each class [except for my Personality class, I NEVER skip that one] once. But, I really try not to do this because on MWF, my first 2 classes are the gen eds, and while they are definitely the ones I would like to skip, both teachers take attendance. And then my last 2 classes are Cognition and Human Sexuality, I don't want to skip either because they're major classes and
a) Cognition doesn't post notes online, so I'm SOL if I miss class
 b) Human Sexuality is so super interesting I never want to miss one of those lectures![the only one I ever missed was the day we were talking about abortion, lets just say I'm not too sad I missed that lecture]

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