Wednesday, November 3, 2010

you make me smile :]

Watch this movie.

I'm actually not in a really happy mood, contary to this post's title, but looking towards the future does make me smile.

I realized today that these school breaks are going to be very different for a couple of reasons:

1. I have not been home this entire semester, and while I always appreciate being home with my family, more than ever am I really, truly homesick. Sometimes when talking about going home, I get choked up and really miss my family a whole lot.

2. Now that Tommy is in college too, we'll be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas break together...Thanksgiving will be a big deal, but he's only going to be home for Wednesday thru Saturday. But then for Christmas break, he's not going to be in school while I'm home, like the past 2 years! We can hang out and talk and be friends. I'm really excited.

This just inspired me to start a series of blogs devoted entirely to my siblings. Maybe I'll start tonight? Yes.

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