Friday, June 28, 2013


Every year the entire extended family on my mom's side caravans up to NW Minnesota for a week in cabins nestled between two lakes during the week of the 4th of July. It's been a family tradition for more than 50 years and it's one that we anticipate with great enthusiasm for the entire year. Our family is extremely tight-knit and we always look forward to "cousining"...

tackling off the dock

intense games of volleyball

hanging out on the porch

tipping canoes

and I've gone up there every year of my life with the exception of the year Tommy and I only stayed for half a week took a 12 hr Greyhound from NW Minnesota to Chicago...

definitely NOT as exciting as it seems
...after not being able to go up last year, I'm treasuring this time with my family more than ever before.

so, #lynchvaca2013, here we come!

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