Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Five Favorites

Linking up with Hallie and my other favorites

[1] My friend Veronica's kids (little Max didn't participate) and their video contest entry!

This little family has been one of my favorites for about 5 years now and they have a knack for finding and WINNING music/video contests! Other videos that they've won contests with are here and here. Please help them win a home makeover by clicking here and voting! They (and I!) would appreciate your support!
Voting ends Tuesday, June 18.
Thanks in advance!

[2] Resolve Carpet Cleaner

I'm dog sitting this week and due to nerves (which resulted in a bacterial infection), the pup has had what I would guess to be almost 40 accidents since Saturday morning. I would rather change a million poopy diapers than scrub poop out of the carpet every morning before I've had my coffee, but Resolve has been my best friend through it all.

[3] My Bridesmaid Dress

I'm my cousin's MOH this weekend and I am SO excited to finally wear this little number.
Super cute, modest, and comfy. PLUS it has pockets. Perf.

[4] Getting up at 6AM

not my view...but I wish!
I've been doing this for the past 4 days and I never realized how much I LOVE the morning! There's so much time to do things before I have to start working! How lovely!

[5] Super cool (and CHEAP!) thank you notes

I write thank you notes almost daily for work and lovelovelove it when I find blank cards that aren't boring or scream "thank you"...these were on clearance at Target for less than $2.00. I bought every box they had.

aaaand off you go to Hallie's!


  1. That video is AWESOME! I can't vote because I don't have FB, cool! Also, I'm checking out t-jay for those note cards. And...not to rain on your carpet cleaner parade...but you gotta check out Folex carpet cleaner. I get mine at Amazon, but have found it at Bed Bath and Beyond. I used to like resolve. Now...I'll never use another!

    1. I hope you find the cards! I originally thought that it was all the same picture (birds), so when I opened the box and found THREE DIFFERENT KINDS, I was ecstatic.

      And thanks for the tip....unfortunately (but fortunately), I took le dog to the vet yesterday so we're now using an antibiotic plus an anti-diarrheal and all accidents have officially stopped. I've never been so happy :)

  2. thanks sosososososo much for posting vid- we are more behind in votes than we would like, but i think we can do it with your and Ryan's help. :) can't believe you were able to find the old videos! The childrens advil one isnt on the internet anymore, but that one is my favorite. Also, its sad how little and adorable those ladies were! now, theyre old and talk back (still beautiful though!). :) not really, theyre great. :)

    and i LOOOOOOVVEE that dress! My sister is getting married in october, and yep, its scandalous and tight, and gross. My birthed-four-babies-in-six-years body is going to look greaaaaat in that. even if i did have some hot bod like you crazies, I still wouldnt want to wear that scandal. ugh.

    and. love those cards! hopefully ill get some awesome carnival pics tomorrow at Epiphany.

    1. I hope we can make it happen! :) It's insane for me to see how lanky Anne is in the my mind she's still a chubby little toddler!! I miss them to pieces and am considering popping by the carnival tmr night before heading out of town...I'll let you know :)

  3. i love that bridesmaid's dress! tried to convince a friend that was a great option for her wedding, but we went strapless but still got the pockets!!! have fun at the wedding!

    1. thank ya thank sister and I were the ones to go and pick the dress out! Being that we're both over 5'9'' and most short styles look horribly skanky (think: bubble dresses *shudder*), we're so happy with this one!

      Was your dress from David's? I might have an old bridesmaid dress that's the same one :)

  4. Hope everyone appreciates how good you look in that Bridesmaid dress, I hope God gives you reason to wear it again, "you really can wear it again!"

    1. oh thanks :) I'm super appreciative of my cousin (the bride) because she was so chill about everything...she picked the color and let us loose to pick the style!

  5. That is a WONDERFUL bridesmaid dress! In my "I've got the whole wedding planned, all I need is the groom" phase, I decided on violetty purple (my fave) but was so concerned about options for the maids, because they are all more endowed, so finding something appropriate would be a challenge. :P It's got the right neckline, but is still breathable for summer, a good length on the leg, the cut is flattering to many figures, AND POCKETS! Where oh where did you all find it? It'd be good for cocktail events or wedding guests, too. :)

    1. That is one of the reasons we picked this dress! My sister and I are very tall and not so top-heavy, but the other ladies have been more blessed in that department ;) it's flattering on ALL figures!
      We found it at good ol' David's Bridal...and I'm definitely planning to wear it to future weddings because it doesn't look too "bridesmaid-y"


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