Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Not Alone Series: prepping for your future vocation

Hey y'all! I'm on vacation this week with mi familia...follow along on all the fun via twitter and/or instagram!
Since I'm preoccupied this week, Jen is hosting our discussion on what we can work on NOW to prepare us for our future vocations!

Head on over to link up, and remember that you don't necessarily have to be single to participate! Any and all perspectives are welcomed! :)


Next week's topic:
Despair and Vocations
The ever hilarious and wise Amanda suggested this topic...here's how she described it:

Most of us have times where we despair about our vocations, or, if we know them (i.e. marriage), we despair that they will never be fulfilled. How do we deal with that despair and what are our best tips on moving past the despair into hope?


PS Thank you for your feedback last week! We're working on tweaking and will let y'all know of any changes for the future! And as always, please email me or email Jen for any topic suggestions as well as comments/concerns/etc...we LOVE hearing from you! :)

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