Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five Favs

Linking up with Grace, who's hosting 5Fs this week....

[1] NFP week

Sooooo this week is NFP week.....and thanks to all of my lovely NFP practicing friends, there have been a bunch of awesome articles that have come my way. This one is especially fabulous....and makes me want to send it along to some of my childhood friends who use the pill but also really want to have children in the future....those side effects, dude. So much for being fully aware of all the facts...

[2] The Privilege of Being a Woman

I started re-reading Alice von Hildebrand's The Privilege of Being a Woman....loving it even more than I did the first time...aaaaand then I used it to smash a giant spider on my bedroom wall. BAM! Talk about ironic. :)

[3] Black Velvet: Toasted Caramel

While I was on vaca, our family friends introduced me to this stuff. I'm telling you, best. stuff. ever. I NEVER drink any alcohol on the rocks (shots are more my pace...jkjk), but this stuff...mmmmmm mmm. Delish.

Since I've been home (more than 3 weeks), I've been on the hunt for my very own bottle and when even Binny's didn't carry it I lost all hope....but good ol Meijer came to the rescue. Why don't I shop there ALL the time??

[4] Family Pics

stolen from FB
Ok, so we all know how I'm obsessed with babes. Which is why I have to show you this pic of my dear friends whose son just turned a month yesterday...I love it so much. Simply precious.

[5] Swiffer Commercials

Alright, Swiffer, you've got me. I'm fully convinced that you're the best brand, all thanks to Lee and Morty. These two are SO FREAKING CUTE. You HAVE to watch this. I can't even handle it.
Here's the shorter version if you can't take three minutes to watch the cutest old people ever.

Hope you're having a happy Hump Day!
Sorry, couldn't help myself.

xo, morgan


  1. Hello there! I am a new visitor here, and have to say that I enjoyed every single one of your "5's." The baby pic was precious - and I know - those Swiffer commercials are too much!! Also, not gonna lie, luv me some good sippin' action. Can't wait to try Black Velvet Caramel!

    1. Hi there! Nice to "meet" you ;) Glad to have found your blog, too! Five boys...WOWZA! :)

  2. Love that first link! And Lee and Morty are delightful.

  3. OMG...cutest Daddy, Mommy, Baby pix. Love it! Totally jealous over the BV Toasted Carmel...wish I was there! :)


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