Thursday, March 7, 2013

Five Favorites

Like I mentioned last week, I'm in Portland, OR this week! We arrived this afternoon and spent about 5 hrs hanging out in a pub. So delish. In honor of my travels, I give you....

~ Five Favorite Things About Hotels ~

[1] No water bill! I can take suuuuuper long showers. Love.

[2] CABLE. My house doesn't have an antenna or cable or anything, so having any sort of non-movie broadcast is such a luxury.

[3] HUGE bed. It might not seem like much, but going from a twin to a full or queen feels like heaven.

[4] Iron that works. My iron has black gunk on the bottom and I haven't been able to figure out how to remove/prevent it....I love ironing at hotels! :)

[5] Free coffee!!!!! And cleaning ladies!!!! I love being able to make my very own cup of' free! And coming home to a freshly made bed is fab.

**UPDATE: I didn't turn the TV on once.

What do you love about hotels/travelling?
See what others are saying at Hallie's!

xo, Morgan


  1. Without a doubt, hotels get a permanent spot on my *Five Favorites of All Time* list. I blame Eloise. ;)

  2. I've heard if you iron a dryer sheet it will take that gunk off. Proceed at your own risk though. I have no proof it works!

    1. I tried that once and it did not work....I definitely recommend against it :)


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