Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter OTI it too late to say that I gave up blogging for Lent....?

This was the first Easter that I have been home for in 4 years! With the exception of my freshman year of college, I usually spend Easter at school, attending the vigil mass at the Cathedral in Peoria. Being home for all of Holy Week as well as spending Easter Sunday at my home parish and with my family was much different than what I've been used to, but it was a nice change.

Since linking up with Grace and crew is nearly the only thing keeping this blog from kicking the bucket these days, let's get on with it, shall we?

 [dress: JCPenney, cardi: Old Navy, shoes: ?]

[dress: JCPenney, Keds: Kohls]

and it wouldn't be a holiday link-up if I didn't include our post-mass casual outfits...

 [all clothing from either ON, Kohls, or Target]

and as for the brother who refused to smile for a decent picture....

...he got his modeling groove back once my sunnies were passed around at Grandma's...

Happy Easter!

xo, mo


  1. everyone look fabulous. love the colors and the fit of your dress is spot on. Happy, Happy Easter!!

  2. you two are so cute! i absolutely LOVE those ked's!


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