Wednesday, March 20, 2013

as of late...

Seems I've slumped into another blogging rut and just.can't.get.out.

Life has been pretty insane lately. To give you a glimpse while keeping my thoughts in order, I give you...handy dandy bullet points...

  • I signed a lease for my very first very own one bedroom apartment. Holy cow. I'm super excited.
    • can't wait to have an entire space
    • also can't wait to be able to walk around with or without clothing just cause I can. TMI?

  • I'm currently home for the next few weeks building my support team 
    • We've just changed our funding system and are now each responsible for raising the funds necessary to fulfill our missions on campus. 
    • Super daunting. 
    • I'm trying to see it as a challenge. 
      • it most definitely is.
    • had some success
    • please pray?

That's all I have energy for at the moment....I have less than high hopes of being better at this in the future....maybe when I retire....

xo, morgan

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  1. Eeee!!! Congrats on the new place by yo'self!! :) So exciting. As of this current moment, my stuff is being delivered to my very own place, too!

    And, prayers for your job, of course.

    ALso... thank you for you kind words on my "Unsettled and Restless" post. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one... and whence... crazy. :) I agree... there should be a group for people like us. Yup... and apparently I like ellipses...


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