Friday, March 1, 2013

7QT (22)

My life is so interesting that I just can't help but share it with the interwebs! But really...some (kinda) good stuff in here....

[1] Our dear B16 is now "Pope Emeritus". I've had to consciously stop myself from reading hateful articles, tweets, comments, etc. regarding our sweet, humble Papa Benny. That being said, I am so proud of some of my very favorite Catholic artists and they're unabashed support and love for the Church, no matter what it does to their fanbase.

Thank God for honest-to-goodness-Catholic and talented musicians who have broken into the "mainstream Christian" music scene. They're making such a difference. Additionally, I have every confidence that the Cardinals will proceed with due diligence and pray that the Lord's will be done. 

[1.5] oh em gee. have you seen his twitter?

[2] Have y'all heard of "Unofficial"? This is a tradition at the U of I which is celebrated by the student body with what is essentially a non-stop 3-day binge drinking fest. The bars all get into it and students from all over the country (seriously.) come in to "celebrate". Campus wasn't too rough this morning, but I did see a couple of scenes like this 9am. Ahh to be young again. jkjk
I almost hit approximately 3 girls, used my horn once, and waited 3.7 minutes for ~14 green-clad party-goers to cross at a stop sign. *sigh*

[4.5] holy crap when did it become March?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

[3] NO SPOILERS ALERT! After getting called out by THE Grace Patton, I will be extraextraextra cautious when typing anything. But seriously, that slap on the wrist was rewarded with more than 300 extra visits to my corner of the blogosphere.....soooo perhaps I'll misbehave more often?? ;)

[4] But getting back to the point, The Bachelor this week was a nail-biter.  Of course I read both Ashley's and Shay's recaps before watching it myself, so I knew what was coming, but it was still came as a shock to me that Sean sent AshLee home. Granted, she has them crazy eyes

and perhaps amnesia exhibited by her constant calling him "that man".....
But overall, I thought she was sweet and genuine and maybe they could have made a good match. I give her credit for not pulling a Des on him, but dang I would NOT want to make her mad. Girl be scary!

[5] In other news, I am headed to Portland this week! The NFP I work for is starting a new fundraising plan and we're all headed out there for a training conference. I'm really excited to absorb a bunch of new and helpful information as well as not only visit both Oregon AND Washington, but since I was dubbed Social Coordinator of the trip, we'll be headed to Cannon Beach for our free day on Saturday! I've never been to the Pacific Ocean, but where we're visiting looks like this.

aaaaand today it was 64 degrees. huzzah.

[6] Speaking of heading to Portland, I'm told that it's one of the top cities for hipsters. I really love hipsters.
Also, since we're going to the beach, I'm real excited to hunt around Sat for some fishermen-type sweaters.
Any excuse for a shopping spree at Goodwill!

[7] I'm making Chili for 20 college students tomorrow night. Perhaps I'll start posting my fav fab recipes here...? hmmm

That's all. Riveting, I know. Head on over to Jen's for more QTs!
Have a blessed weekend...hopefully it starts looking like spring soon!!!

xo, mo

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