Sunday, September 23, 2012


I, like many others, use Pinterest to find and share unique and interesting ideas.
I, like many young women my age, have a "Weddings" board.
Only, mine is actually named "Weddings" whereas many others are named "maybe.someday" or "A girl can dream, right?" or my personal favorite "I just need a man & a ring..."

Now, I'm not trying to call out all those ladies who name their boards ridiculous things...that's not my point. Neither am I condemning those who have "future wedding" boards, because I think that Pinterest is great and if/when I ever do get married, it will definitely be a necessary resource for me.
But the fact that these boards are actually named those names makes me kind of sad because I think it reflects a greater truth about our society.

It's like when I was in college and me and all of the people I knew were constantly talking about "when we graduate" or "when we pay off our loans" or "when we all are married" or "when we all have kids" and once in awhile I'd sit back and wonder "What about today? What about right now?"
I mean sure, we're bound to make plans and have goals, those are actually really important things to do...but being in constant future-thinking mode isn't healthy because I think it tends to make us lose track of the here and now.

Right now is what's happening today.
Right now is what I'm living.
Right now is when I can make a difference.
Right now slips away so easily when you're always thinking about the future.

And so for the past few months, I've really been trying to live for today. Live in the moment and enjoy it! I mean, I won't be single and 100% independently on my own forever. (hopefully ;)
I'm definitely nowhere near being a pro at this and I still get caught up in wondering/worrying about loan payments and when Mr. Right will come around and how many kids I want, etc etc but I think the point is that you need to try.

Try to enjoy today and what's happening right now because it goes by really fast and you're only going to be exactly right where you are right now for a certain amount of time.
Embrace it.

p.s. lo siento on all of the deep posts lately. I'll try to throw in some more up-beat, brainless posts soon :)

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