Thursday, September 27, 2012

good good day

I wanted to talk about something slightly inappropriate today, but decided against it...maybe another time.

Today was a good day.

It was Latte Wednesday......wait. You don't know what Latte Wednesday is?! It's kind of a big deal in our office.

Latte Wednesday is the day of the week when any size latte at Espresso is $2.25...holy guacamole.

So, naturally, it was a good day.

Also, the new Mumford and Sons album came out yesterday and I'm in love with it.

Aaaaand I had dinner with Claire tonight so that made my day happy.

Aaaaaand JP and I found out that we are allowed to have a coffee maker in our office. Holla! Totes gonna run to GoodWill and grab me one of those asap.

Aaaaaaand Father Rocky from Relevant Radio came by SJCNC tonight to talk about Media and Religious Freedom.

A good day. A good day indeed.

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