Wednesday, September 11, 2013

sitting waiting wishing....

....for some normalcy.

Perhaps you've noticed that really all I've been posting lately are my NAS contributions. Or maybe not.

Either way, world, I've been less-than-present for the past couple months for a couple of reasons:

1. I'm fundraising my salary.

2. I moved into my new apt Aug 1st....and haven't set up internet

BUT this week, I FINALLY got the interwebs connected in my new place. I'm uber happy and really did not think that I could make it this long. I don't have a data plan, so basically after I left work, I was without wifi.

Aaaaaand the library closes at 9PM, so from then on I was forced to do without.

I read 5 Nicholas Sparks books in 2 weeks. No joke.

Actually, I semi-chose to wait. Since I'm travelling so much for work, it didn't really make sense to pay for wifi I wasn't using.

But I've reached my breaking point, so if I can ever drag myself away from the beauty that is Netflix (thanks Kevin and Liz for letting me use your account!!!), I'll be blogging a tad more often.
I do have 32 drafts I could work on....

However, I might be eating my own words since I'm still quite a ways away from being "fully funded" and have to keep going until that's done.

Shameless plug:
The Lord has been pushing me to use every possible resource at my fingertips (quite literally at this moment), it is now that I humbly ask that if you and yours are at all interested in joining my monthly support team and helping me to get back on campus, please contact me. I'm not going to post the info here to keep a semblance of privacy for my organization, but if you contact me directly, I would be more than thrilled to chat with you about how you can directly help to build a Culture of Life.

Thanks and I promise to write soon!!!

xo, mo


  1. Ahahaha I love the graphic... It's so true, too! Made my morning to see that. ;)

    God bless you! <3

  2. Love the graph. My read a book might be a little bigger as well as find a neighbour's wifi signal (I once found myself in the back of my grandmother's property on a little hill up a tree because the signal was strongest there) but the cry in a corner is just about right.

  3. HAHAHAHA the "cry in the corner" is sooooo me when our internet/power would go out!! And yes I would totally go up to Starbucks or McDonalds and use thir Wifi. I once texted my cousin asking why all my neighbors lock their they don't trust me stealing it?!!?

    I also once saw a cartoon that said, "Clean house? What did the internet go out?" HAHAHA


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