Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not Alone Series: NFP

Hello hello!
Jen was slated to host this week but alas! her computadora decided to die, so we're at my place again!
This week we're talking anything and everything NFP!

While I know that there are a number of ways to practice NFP, the most common method around these parts is the Creighton Model, so for the remainder of this post, if I don't specifiy, you can assume that by "NFP" I mean "Creighton Model".

I know that there are many single ladies out there who have already ventured into the land of charting, but I am not one of those people. It's not for a lack of interest, oh no. I could talk about charting and all that good stuff for ages...I guess I just haven't felt the need to start up yet.

Although, there was a point in college when a doctor diagnosed me with PCOS (due to irregular cycles and horrendous acne) and I considered trying to learn to chart since I knew a FOCUS missionary who was becoming a Creighton Model practitioner and offered to teach a bunch of us for cheap. But I was busy and ignorant and didn't take advantage of that opportunity. Charting can really help you figure out what's going on with your body without any medical treatment...just observing what your body naturally does?! That's basically it? How freaking awesome is that?!

turns out either I was mis-diagnosed or my PCOS doesn't effect my health at all because an endocrinologist did tons of tests and didn't find anything out of the ordinary....and I've now been "regular" for almost a year :) 

I do see a huge advantage in learning to chart pre-engagement because if it takes you a while to get the hang of it, there's no rush. Also, it will become more of a habit and you'll likely have a better understanding of your body before trying to figure it out with someone else.

However, I wonder if starting to practice NFP before being engaged will take away some of that teamwork-ness that I hear my engaged and married friends growing in. Because this is new to the both of them, they both are learning together and growing together in that experience. Perhaps not all guys will feel left out, but I wonder if some guys would feel like they're behind the ball if their fiancee is already an NFP expert. Just a thought.

Regardless, NFP has definitely become more and more popular...there are even apps for charting!! That in and of itself might be enough to make me want to start up!!! Does it get any easier than that?!

What is your experience with NFP/what are your thoughts? Link up below!!!


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  1. Ooh...great post, Morgan! I had never really thought about my future husband's feelings...like he might feel left out if I was "ahead of him." But if the forums and message boards that I stumble upon are any indication, NFP use as a singleton for health reasons and using NFP together as a couple are markedly different, and the latter experience will pose enough new stuff for both you and your man. So my feeling is, if it helps you to know how to do it well now, don't stress too much about it!

    1. It's just something that occurred to me a couple of weeks ago, and that in and of itself isn't holding me back from starting....it's mostly that I don't have the time to do it right at the moment. I like to do things 110% or not at all. And NFP is definitely something that I don't want to half-a$$ ;) Someday, someday....just cause I think it's so darn cool!

      Plus, I'm not having any health issues anymore so I don't have that reason to begin...but it's so interesting how much you can know/learn!!

  2. I've never considered my future husband might feel left out however I also have the personality that would go home to "practice" the experiment we would learn the next day in class. This is something to really think about though.

    1. yeah, and I have a feeling that my future husband would be like "really? you thought I'd feel left out of knowing what your mucus is like? mmm no." ...but I think it's the whole new-to-both-of-us experience that I would like to be able to share. That way we're in it from the start and there'd never be the thought "well this is something you do and I'm just along for the ride"...though hopefully I'd never marry a dope who'd think that, but still. :)

    2. He doesn't have worry about the mucus part since I don't understand that either so he's more than welcome to share that experience with me :)

  3. I think there's a real difference between full out charting and knowing your body's signs and symptoms. If you are able to understand which kind of mucus is what and know the basic eb and flow of your body, then I think it would be beneficial. I mean those aren't even things he'll be able to 'check for you' - and it's good anyway for when you go to the doctor and she asks 'is anything different?' - you'll actually know that the pain your having on your left side happens each month at the time when you are ovulating (this was an issue for me with an ovarian cyst). Better to understand your body and know when the 'time of the month' is, but wait for all of the charting, temperature taking, etc... until there's a reason to know (unless a health reason has mandated it). Anyway, just some thoughts!

    1. I totally get what you're saying and agree! Even just for the sake of understanding my body better, NFP is awesome. Mainly I haven't begun because I haven't felt the need and since I was likely falsely diagnosed with PCOS, learning to chart isn't on the forefront of my mind. But you're right in that charting-for-cycle-awareness is different from charting-for-fertility-awareness.

      I'll start eventually, just not today :)


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