Thursday, August 16, 2012

yeahhh not sure I like that so much....

I love country music.
haven't always been a fan, but I don't expect to ever stop loving it.

Some may argue that it's the worst...but for me, I love it because it's more than about the beat....
With so many pop songs today, I hear people saying (and I say this all the time):
"Well, the lyrics don't make sense/are dumb/aren't good, but the beat is just so catchy!"
But with country music, it's about the story behind "the beat"'s about more than just having a catchy tune.
And I like that.

Not all country music is "good"...think Keith Anderson's Pickin' Wildflowers or Big and Rich's Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy
...and some are just silly...think Red Solo Cup (which I honestly can't get enough of)

but for the most part, I've been really proud of liking country music, because I feel that most of it is pretty wholesome.

One of my favorite country bands is Lady Antebellum and I have yet to be disappointed with their music.

Well, sadly...that day has come.

Lady A's song We Owned The Night disappoints me. Most of the song is's catchy and just feel-good...but then you get near the end of the song and the lyrics are as follows:
"We woke under a blanket / All tangled up in skin / Not knowing in that moment / We'd never speak again / but it was perfect / I never will forget"
Really? REALLY?
"It was perfect"?! Even though "we'd never speak again"?!

I guess maybe this upsets me because it's just another reminder of how our society is so accepting of doing "whatever feels good". And that when you "think" that this is forever, then just go for it.

I don't like it.

But I do like Gloriana's (Kissed You) Good Night

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