Thursday, August 2, 2012

Paroxysmic Gluteus Maximus

Black Betty can kiss my lily white A-ETH-ETH because we've got a new sheriff in town
(that doesn't make sense...just roll with it...) bike.

No, there's no picture.
And no, she doesn't have a name.


1. my phone is dead and I forgot my charger at home home
2. my creative juices have dried up this week

But if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know...she's vintage/hipster looking, orangey and cute.


my butt hurts.
like ow.

and this whole exercise thing isn't my favorite.
my knees hurt.
my thighs hurt.
my arms hurt.
my BUTT hurts.

And I'm tired.

BUT! I moved! And our new house is cute...suuuuper crammed with crap we have to organize but cute.
And again, no pictures because my phone is le dead.

More later...I'm going home.
I'm sick of the lib.

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