Monday, August 6, 2012

why yes, I would like some cheese with my whine...and also some wine, please.


I have been absent.
SUPER absent.

this is all totally and completely due to the stupid fact that my house STILL has no internet.
no es bueno.
no me gusta.

and I seriously cannot believe that we've only been in the new house for a week...this past week went suuuper looonggg.

[[[Get ready for some exaggerations....]]]

I think that this is due to:

  • it takes foreverrrr to get anywhereeee [aka biking] 
    • reality: only a 15 min ride to work from my house
    • another reality: I like biking
    • yet another reality: my body HATES biking
  • until yesterday, I couldn't find ANYTHING in my house
    • reality: I could find things, it just took factoring in an extra 5 minutes to rummage for clothing in the morning
    • another reality: I HATE getting up any earlier than I have to in the morning
    • yet another reality: whenever my room or surroundings are messy, all I seem to want to do is sleep...strange...
I think that's all.

all of that being said, I'm tired of complaining (did I mention that my knees hurt? I think I'm getting arthritis...) so I'll be done.
for now.

have a happy monday and I hope to be posting more frequently in the future!

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