Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not Alone Series: Travel!

How do you travel as a single lady?! Any tips or tricks you'd like to share? Do you have anything fun planned for this year?

I loooove this topic, mainly because I'm so excited to read other peoples' perspectives!!

It was probably about 2 years ago when I was first bit by the travelling bug and my fever has only gotten worse. Not that I travel allll the time now, but I'm beginning to travel more and more.

Part of this is intentional, part of it is just that I've had great opportunities.

However, most of my travelling is with other people. Either roadtrips or occasionally flying, but almost always with others. Overall, I think I prefer to travel with others just in case something goes wrong so there's more than one brain to figure things out.

When Jen and I went to Boston in September, that was my first time ever flying alone! It was terrifying and exhilarating....mostly terrifying. I don't fly a ton, so that in itself is an experience...but my myself?! AH!

But it all went fine, even though my flight was almost cancelled during a layover, it all worked out!

So, I guess I don't have a ton of tips/tricks for travelling alone...

Though I will encourage everyone to seek out adventures. I've heard amazing stories lately about Yellowstone and The Bach has peaked my interest in exploring Mount Rushmore/SD. There's something about planning an exciting trip, even several months in advance! It gives you something to look forward to!

And on that note, TAKE YOUR VACATION DAYS! I know not every job is afforded the same luxuries, but un-taken vacation days are a special kind of travesty. My first year working full-time, I took only TWO vacation days. TWO! Since then, I've made a point of taking every day allotted to me. Even if it just means I take a long weekend to explore Chicago or St. Louis or Indianapolis...there's so much to be seen! Let's see it all!

I'm looking forward, this year, to a few trips I have planned....

The first being a work trip to Arkansas in April...not a hopping place necessarily, but I've never been there! So I'm excited :)

Then, of course, I'm over-the-moon pumped to go out to Philadelphia in September TO SEE POPE FRANCIS!!!! WEEEE!!!

Other than that, I'm not sure yet! Perhaps Yellowstone will be a trip this year or next, but either way, I have a lot to look forward to!

Well, since I didn't give much advice for traveling as a single person, would you share your own? Comment or link up your post below! Be sure to include a link in your post back to this post and Jen's!


Next week's topic:
Dating Fast
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3/10: Encouraging Men
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3/17: Challenge!
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Share what you're planning to challenge yourself with and why, then in 2 weeks we'll write on how this challenge went!!


  1. I totally agree about taking your vacation days. Even if you can't afford to go anywhere it's nice to just not have to work...heck you earned them!!

  2. Yes to taking your vacation days! If you don't use them all, then you essentially worked that many days for free. That is not good work–life balance! When I worked in ministry, I found myself in the terrible crunch of having vacation time but never being able to take it. In the end, I was paid for them (i.e. my last day in the office was not my last day on the payroll), but that was a blessing. I'm not expecting that to happen ever again.


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