Monday, November 18, 2013

Not Alone Series: Surviving the Holidays and an ANNOUNCEMENT!

Before we get into the post....Jen and I have an announcement!

Did you watch the video?!

Don't keep reading until you've watched it!!!

Ok, did you watch it?

AHHHHH are you excited as I am?!?!

I CANNOT wait to spend a weekend with anyone and everyone who can make it! Jen and I have been crawling out of our skins waiting to tell y'all and now that its out....YAHOOO!!!

This trip has been a long time coming, we've been talking about the possibility of a get together like this for a couple of months and wanted to be able to tell you far enough in advance in order to make travel plans, ask off of work, etc.

Savannah, GA - July 18-20, 2014
Be there.
More details will be given to those who email BOTH me and Jen!
I hope you're able to make it!!!

Alrighty, back to the last NAS post of 2013! Can you believe that we've all be writing and getting to know one another for nearly SIX months?! Insane. What a blessing.

I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posts about this weeks topic...I think it's a fun one! Here's the prompt as a reminder:

The holidays are coming up! Family parties, friend gatherings... and you're single. How do you "cope"? 
Any tips or tricks?

I LOVE the holidays. Mostly because my big, crazy family loves being together, which makes family gatherings all the more fun. Plus, there are more than a few nuts in the ol' family tree. We like to have a good time.

My extended family is unusually close. And while that's something that I love, it can also lead to everyone getting in each other's business and all that. Annoying.

Are you dating anyone?! Well why the heck not?! When I was your age, I had a different date every weekend!

And when are you planning on getting married? You know, you're the next kid in line for that, Morgan!

Ok, maybe cousin Bob is next, and you're after him, but he's got plenty of time! You need to get on that!

But Morgan, don't you want to have kids while you're young? Make sure you don't wait too long to find a man!

Hey, maybe you could date our neighbor's sister's son! He's single!

Ohhhh, but the only blind date that would work for you is someone who's actually blind! BAHAHAHA

...these are all nearly verbatim (the blind date joke is a direct quote).
So how the heck is one supposed to survive such events?

Wine. Lots and lots of wine.

Juuuuuust kidding.

First, I mentally prepare myself for this onslaught of questions and suggestions and wonderings.
When I've gone in, expecting everyone to be interested in the fact that I'm loving my job, or I've moved into my very own apartment, or that I'm able to have higher-level conversations about philosophy or religion.....those are the events when I'm completely unprepared for the relationship inquiries. 
And those are the events when I leave exhausted because I wasn't expecting them.

Second, I aim to respond in the most patient and charitable way possible.
Truth is, I'm 98% comfortable with the fact that I'm single. But if I allow myself to get flustered, I come across as defensive and occasionally rude.
I try to remember that most of my aunts and uncles got married when they were my age. They're only asking questions because they love me and are interested in the next big parts of my life.
Could they afford to be a bit less intrusive?
But I can still calmly respond and show them that "wow, maybe being single in your early-to-mid 20s isn't a catastrophic event..."
Maybe they need to experience someone who isn't fearful of the future and is hopeful for what may come.

Third, I know how to have a sense of humor.
It's very easy to get "prickly" when people bring up sensitive subjects. And let's be honest, what's more sensitive than the fact that you're single when you long to not be single?
However, more often than not, the teasing about "ending up as an old maid" or being a "cat lady" is meant to be all in good fun. Are those kinds of jokes insensitive? 
Um, yeah.
But I would bet that your Uncle Earl doesn't tease you out of malice. He thinks you can handle it.
And you can. Just make sure your wine glass is always full.

I kid, I kid. kinda

The holidays are fun! And we get to celebrate our Lord's birth with the people we love most! Dreading the holidays for fear of what people might ask or say, well that's just silly.

How do you "survive" the holidays when you're single? Write up a post and link up over at Jen's!


This is the last topic for 2013! 
We will resume the Not Alone Series on January 14, 2013.

If you are interested in joining us in Savannah, GA for our girls weekend, please email me at mvmcfar(at) and email Jen at jennifercox.rn(at)!


  1. Morgan, love love loved your post :) The quotes you used were hilarious, but I'm pretty sure I've heard most of those too (especially the oh, well so-so and you might be a good fit, gahhhh!). I feel like you prepare in a similar way for events as me...I totally use humor as well to try and side step any suuuper awkward comments.
    And about the video...WHAT A NEAT IDEA!! The other day at work I was actually thinking about this, "How cool would it be to meet these ladies?!" So I shall keep you posted on the very least I will be praying for safety/fun/amazing conversations that weekend if I am unable to attend!!!

  2. These are great points to keep in mind! Sometimes I want to try to come up with a singles' edition to Dear Abby's (or was it Ann Landers?) "Snappy Comebacks to Stupid Questions." But then I remember I actually want these people at the hoped-for wedding. I just keep trying to stay positive about my life and recent milestones. :) And as I told Jen, I am for sure emailing you two about Girls' weekend!

  3. First, I can't believe someone actually said that about the blind date. I totally agree with you about preparation, I've had that mental exhaustion from handling well meaning people.

    Secondly.......... you guys are amazing. First this series, then the accountability partners, now a weekend. I am already trying to working out how I am going to be able to make it.

  4. LOVE this! I am SO excited! I would love to meet you girls and Savannah is such an amazing place to be :)

  5. Okay so I was on the Camp the other day and Grace linked to Jen's blog announcement for their big get-together and I was thinking how awesome that sounded. And then this!!! Expect my email shortly :)


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