Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes (24)

Linking up yet again with Jen (who's fiiiinally back!) for another week of takes!

[1] This week has been emotionally exhausting. I can't get into too much detail without breaking confidences, but I've had to have a couple of really tough conversations that have taken a lot out of me. TGIF, eh?

[2] Confession time: I have a Twitter, but I'm really bad at using it....probably because I've gotten out of that bad FB habit of updating your status every five minutes. So I only go onto the Twittersphere maybe once a week, but last night I spend probably two hours tweeting with some of my favorite blogging friends and finding new peeps to follow. So. much. fun.

[3] Sooooo tomorrow is my birthday, and yesterday I got this card from my Grandma...

I get my party side from her. I'm turning the big 2-3 and have a big day full of outlet mall shopping (hunting for the perfect baby boy gifts and work-approp. dresses), wine-drinking, and hopefully sunbathing.

[4] Jordan is here! Haven't seen her in So excited to celebrate my #birthdayweekend with her :)

[5] Have you discovered Arleen Spenceley and her [Q&A] series? Go. NOW. She's awesome.

[6] Amanda nominated me for a Leibster Award this week! I am BEYOND flattered and now all I have to do is figure out how to accept it.... :)

[7] My boss took me out for lunch today to celebrate my birth and we had Margs. At noon. Word of the wise: don't drink in the early afternoon unless if you're going to keep drinking.
You just might be unable to work for the rest of the day and end up with a slight headache/hangover before 5PM. And what's the best cure for a hangover? See the above picture.

Check out what Jen and the other takers have to say this week! Have a beauteous weekend!

xo, Morgan


  1. What a great picture of Jordan! I began following her blog last winter and got to meet her at FOCUS Conference earlier this year. You're very lucky to be celebrating your birthday with such a joyful young woman! God bless you, and happy birthday!

  2. Eeeeeee!!! So glad I got to hang out with you this weekend and meet your friends and help you celebrate your birthday! It was a blast and it should probably happen again before your next birthday :) (maybe by then you'll be able to handle a noon drink ;) hahah)


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