Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick Takes (6) - Things Change edition

ohhhh man.
It has been quite awhile since I posted anything of substance...3 weeks? 4 weeks? I've lost track.
ah well.
Since it is still Friday, I think I'll turn this into a Quick Takes post. Things Change edition.

I drink coffee. And I LIKE it.
There was a time when I would drink coffee simply because it had caffeine and I thought I looked cool.
Well, I still think I look cool...
but now, I also like the taste! AND I've gotten to the point where some mornings I don't like it because I made it too sweet.
Honestly never thought that would happen.
And it probably all began when I became housemates with women who make coffee every morning.
Don't think I'll ever switch to decaf with barely a dash of sugar in it like mi madre but it's definitely a start!
And, today when I treated myself to a Cafe Mocha at good ol' Espresso Royale, I put only a small dash of liquid sugar in it and it was delicious!
(yes, I do mean "liquid sugar"...probably should be called syrup, but Espresso has it labeled as such)

It's hot.
Not really that significant, but when temperatures are consistently over 100 degrees, that's insane.
The significant part about this statement is that I've actually begun to SMELL!
Don't laugh.
All of these years, I thought that I had inherited my father's "deodorant-is-unnecessary-when-your-sweat-doesn't-smell" genes...false.
Good thing that I still have some crusty old deodorant from 6th grade when we had the puberty talk.
Otherwise, I would feel reaaal bad for my coworker (just one, remember?)

CAUTION: it's about to get personal up in here
I have become increasingly "ok" with being single.
(I have " "-ed ok because what does ok really mean anyway?)
By this I mean that while a more insecure, less independent version of myself (think 2 months ago) would be constantly on the lookout for "Mr. Right", I no longer feel the need to search.
Ok, this is really only half a load of you-know-what.
I'm a girl, what can I say...of course I get lonely and I wish that "he" were here ("he" being my future hubby) but for the first time in my life, I want to just LIVE life instead of constantly looking forward to the future.
I realized that I'm only going to get a certain amount of time to be on my own exploring the world as I please before "he" shows up.
And don't get me wrong, I very anxiously and longingly await that day, but I'm excited - for once - to experience life without the distraction of "him".
Does that make sense?

I'm (slightly) obsessed with the Bachelorette.
I remember when I would watch it every week with my mom but then Jason Mesnick came along and broke up with Melissa on national television and I swore to never waste my time with that wretched show ever again.
Oh how I was wrong.
I don't really remember when I began the obsession again, but I know that I watched Brad's (2nd) season, Ali's season, then Ashley's season, and Ben's season.
And now here we are.
But the best part is that I'm not the only crazy girl who talks about the people on the show as if I know them personally! One of my friends here in CU is also really into the show and so we try to watch together and if that doesn't work, we definitely talk about it throughout the week.
CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been actually trying to make my hair look good everyday.
Ok, this should be a no-brainer for most people, but for me, I have a hard time getting motivated to do anything with my hair in the morning. I'm a morning showerer (TMI?) and so I usually style my hair wet...and with this heat, there's no chance of me wanting to blow dry it. Ugh.
But I've tried out a couple different styles and it's kind of fun!
I've also tried showering at night and then styling my hair in the morning which isn't happening every night but it's a nice change once in awhile! 
I'll try to post pictures of the different styles I've tried but in the meantime, here's the website that I've been using for most of my ideas!

Black Betty may have rambalam-ed for the last time.
If you know who Black Betty is, you'll understand.
She's been having issues shifting from P to R and so forth lately and today she wouldn't reverse.
Which was an issue since I was parked with my nose to a wall.
Soooo she's spending the night in Newman's parking lot and I'll be going over there bright and early in the morning to try and coax her out of the spot...manually.

This is nothing new, but I'm tired.
Promise to try to get some sleep and post more often!
I have some ideas of posts and some half-written ones on more than just updates that will be popping up soon so keep an eye out for them, my ever faithful readers! ;)

Love all around! For more Quick Takes check out Jen!

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