Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm totes popular

Today marks the day when I realized that my little ol' blog has had over 1000 views!

If being excited about that makes me a dork, then so be it.

Buuuuut yeah. #excited

Other than that, my life is pretty normal....oh yeah, other than the fact that I've been walking to work for the past 3 days. Awesome.

Black Betty has bitten le dust for the time being. Obnoxious little bee-yotch (to quote my newly licensed 16 year old sista). Sooooo yeah. I've been forced to exercise. Ugh.

The walk truly isn't all that bad...I Googled it and it's 1.2 miles, with an estimated 24 minute journey time.
I've been being [[super]] adventurous and am taking a new way there each morning...woah. Gettin' crazy up in here.

The basic route stays the same:
Green to misc street to Armory which takes me all the way to Newman
(just nod along and smile like you know what I'm talking about...)
BUT the difference is that I have my choice of which connecting street to take...1st - 6th.
So far, 1st and 4th are my favorite...I go down 6th all the time and it's more populated so I don't enjoy that as much...took 2nd for the first time today...super sketch. Won't be going down that way again.
So I have yet to try 2nd or 5th....maybe tmr morning.

I like walking.
I also like taking my time.
So I should probably modify my departure time to allow for my scenic marvelings.
You see, Armory Street is where Newman is located...but if you start at one end of Armory and work your way to the other end, which is where Newman is, it's what I've fondly dubbed Sorority Row.

These houses are INSANE. I'll post pictures later because you really won't believe it unless if you've seen it.
We had Frats and Sororities at ISU...but not like this. Not mansion-style houses with manicured lawns and pillars and everything. Most of the "Greeks" had houses but I've never seen it like this.
Cray cray.

But it makes for an interesting morning stroll...and I'm learning my Greek Alphabet! 

That's all.
Please pray that my bike gets here someday soon...I hate being patient.

Also, whilst in WalMart this evening (thanks to my lovely friend, Mel), I saw a young girl (maybe 17?) buying a pregnancy test with her friend...please pray for her as well that should the test come back positive that the life of her child might be spared.


  1. So I'm a total creeper since you started following me on pinterest and also since I have a friend crush on you since meeting you... I'm glad you're enjoying your walk to work, 2nd is super sketchy, but I think you'll really like 5th! Its so much calmer than 6th and I think slightly better kept up than 1st. I like 4th a lot too though! Ok. Done creeping!

  2. Yay for a new I too am a total creeper. However, that comes with the territory cuz I'm your momma. Stay sketchy streets for you, missy! Can't wait to see you soooooon!


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