Thursday, December 16, 2010


I just said goodbye to two of my best friends. And the likeliness is that I won't see them for the whole 3 weeks we're off for break.

It's funny...I never thought I would feel this way. Caught.
When I'm here, I miss home. But when I'm home, I'm itching to come back here.
When I'm here, I miss my family. But when I'm home, I miss my family.
It's not that I don't feel like I have a home, the problem is that I have two homes.

Who knew that the people you're with pretty much 24/7 would become vital parts of you.
Kate was gone for 5 days last week due to some unfortunate events and I missed her like crazy.
When Ry isn't around for 2 days, the next time I see him, I feel like it's been forever.
Liz and I share a brain.
Karen is just as crazy as I am, maybe more...
Carol and I live 15 minutes from one another, but NEVER get together over breaks.

I don't know. I've done it before, so I can do it again, and of course God's on my side and He's the only thing I need, yaddah yaddah...but He put these people, my family, in my life, and it's really hard to say goodbye.

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