Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wedding Fun! {NAS Summer}

We are now fully immersed in wedding season! What are your favorite parts of a wedding? Where do you find the best dresses for the occasion? Have any unique gift ideas? Share anything and all tips and tricks with us!

I've survived already attended the two weddings I have for this year, and let me tell you, after standing up in THREE of my friends' weddings last summer, I am very grateful for the low load. Especially since I have three friends who are gearing up for 2017 summer weddings. :)

I looove weddings, but the between the travel, accommodations, dress, gift, etc. it can get to be a lot! I thought it'd be fun this month to talk about tips and tricks for a smooth and enjoyable wedding guest experience!

(though, secretly, I'm hoping to hear some advice from you!)

The Dress

I know there are some weddings you can attend wearing jeans....or at least, I know that now after my very first Minnesotan wedding! But, I will forever be a dress kind of gal. 

Having the chance to dress dress-up and dance while doing it is an exciting opportunity....but where to find a suitable garment?

There are loads of dresses in my closet, but....well...not all of them fit...and not all of them are as modest as I'd like. (former decolletage bearing self, for shame!) So I've had to do some searching and let me tell you: as a tall lady who likes to cover her chest AND butt....I am apparently in the minority.

However! Never fear, for DressBarn has me covered. Literally. I've found several cute numbers there which are suitable for more than one occasion, as well as dancing-friendly!

Since I've been a bridesmaid in most of the weddings I've attended recently, I usually don't have to think about what I'll wear. One of the weddings this summer was formal enough for me to re-use one of these dresses! Cha-ching!

I've also perused ModCloth and will likely go there for a dress next time, but haven't yet bought from them yet.

The Travel

I'm fortunate that many of the weddings I attend are held within 2-3 hours of me. Thank you, friends, for living nearby.

Yet, the two I attended this year were not only back-to-back weekends, but also were in completely different parts of the country. We drove each time, which helped cut costs in travel, but overnight accommodations are expensive!

Not sure about you, but I'm not made of money! I save, yes, but when traveling with my boyfriend, we try to find separate sleeping quarters. And unless if we wanted to book two shady hotel rooms, we'd be looking at $100/night for each of us. Annoying.

Enter Airbnb! I'm sure I'm the last person to use Airbnb, but if you haven't, seriously! Check it out!!

We found an adorable place to stay in Knoxville, TN (our half-way point) and wow. I don't ever want to stay in a hotel again.

Perhaps not everyone is as wonderful as our host Jill was, but her home was a delight. Private entrance, separate living areas, huge bathroom, Keurig, snacks, AND homemade brownies!

I'm not sure if I'd do Airbnb as a solo traveler, but for the two of us, this was the perfect option!

The Gift

Now, yes. Most people have gift registries. And yes, they've hand-selected items they'd like to receive.

However, I've always been one to go against the grain. Sure, I could get a friend some bamboo cutting boards or dish towels or a gift card....all things I've bought friends. BUT lately, I've been going the more personal route.

This might not work for every couple, as not everyone is Catholic. (shocker, I know.) But in the event that they are, I like to get a crucifix (from the Holy Land, if possible) and a book on marriage.

Many of us have heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest, but no one really knows how true that is until they're in the midst of it. So, why not try to help as much as possible?

I recently got friends Just Married: The Catholic Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the First Five Years of Marriage by Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Popcak and already I've had great reviews.

Of course, you could also do the "frame the invitation" or "create a mason jar of date nights or sweet things to do for your spouse" (also gifts I've given), but this most recent gift of that book is my favorite so far.

So how about you? Any tips for where to get the perfect wedding-guest dress? Or gift ideas?

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  1. My husband and I got Just Married when we were engaged, and WOW! It is an incredible book. Highly, highly recommend it. A great wedding gift, but also, a great engagement gift! Definitely better than our marriage prep was!

  2. I've heard good things about that book, I love Ave Maria Press, and Mr. Man (my boyfriend) loves the Popcaks. Coincidence? I think not. ;)

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