Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Not Alone Series: 2015

How are we going to make 2015 different than last year? What goals are you planning/making to be more YOU this year? These can be goals can be personal growth, spiritual life, physical/health, or even your love life! Maybe you don't have concrete ones yet, but it helps to talk them out and get motivated!

There's something about a new year - a new start, a new beginning.

I'm not the biggest proponent of new years resolutions...mainly because people tend to take on too much at once. However, I'm a big fan of continuously improving and growing, so manageable and realistic goals? I'm all about that [bass].

Going into 2015, there was a restlessness on my heart, a burden of sorts. Something I couldn't quite shake.

As I searched my soul for what this could be, there was a constant theme of being tired of trying.

I'm tired of trying to put myself out there and trying to find my husband and trying to always be "on" and trying to try...it's all exhausting. The constant voice in my head saying that I'm not enough, that I'm not quite there yet. No more.

What I want for 2015? 
To try in the only thing that will be constant in my life forever: my relationship with God.

I want to focus on being His and Him being mine. I want to allow myself to be content with that. I must let Him love me and show me how He sees me.

This is first and foremost. My relationship with Christ, and my love for Him, needs to always be the center of my life, and I haven't been living in this way for quite some time.

Along with my desire for fuller union with God comes the desire to be more of who He made me to be.

In total honesty with you all, I am horrible at taking care of my body. My hygiene is fine, thanks...no, I mean health-wise. My eating and exercise habits need a major makeover.

So far, I've been pleased with the changes I'm making. It's hard to eat crap when all you let yourself buy a the grocery store is greenery. And getting up early to work out is rough...I'm really not a morning person. But it's amazing how alert you can be after a decent amount of sleep.

Rejuvenating my bond with the Lord is happening slowly but surely. Baby steps, but ones that count.
Daily mass. Regular rosary. Spiritual reading before bed. Prayer right when I wake up. Prayer right before I sleep.

This all comes down to routine and discipline. Your prayers for my success in continuing these changes would be much appreciated!

What are you seeking to change or improve in 2015? Any hopes or dreams for the year? Share your post by linking below! Be sure to link back here and to Jen's post as well!


Next week's topic:

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Do you have children in your life? What is your relationship with them like? Do you have godchildren, and how do you form a relationship with them? Does having children in (or not in) your day-to-day life make you feel happy, wistful, or wary (of having your own someday)? 
Thanks to Lindsay!

1/27: Selfies
Do you support the selfie trend? Do you think it promotes self absorption, vanity and narcissism? Is there a way to incorporate selfies into the Church's teachings of modesty, authentic beauty, humility?
Thanks to Hannah!

2/3: Qualities in our Husbands
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  1. Routine and disciple. Yes! Would love to hear more about people's routines, because I think that's what trips me up the most. Do you have set time to pray? Or certain prayers you say everyday? Do you have an accountability system or partner for making sure you follow through? That's kind of hard too when you're the only answering to yourself :-) Absolutely love your focus, and am excited to see where this takes you!

    1. What works best for me is to have a set time when I do my prayer each day. If I can get into a set routine of when I go to mass, say the rosary, go to adoration, etc. then it sticks better. I've seen that manageable and measureable goals are the easiest to achieve (ex: plan to go to mass every MWF or do your daily pray time at 10PM every night). It's hard to get going at first, but eventually it just becomes what you do. Perhaps this would be a good topic for the FB group :)

  2. I volunteer with our local chapter of Pure Fashion. At our first session, we had a guest speaker who reflected on "Try," by Colbie Caillat. The video focuses on trying to look good with hair and makeup, but the lyrics are broader, and I think they tap into the same spirit you mentioned. There's this idea that women must always be trying, but when will we have permission to just *be* who we are? Trying all the time gets exhausting!


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