Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Not Alone Series: Freebie!

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Hello hello!

Can you believe that it's already August?! It feels like only yesterday that the warm weather was rolling in! I've had a good and challenging summer, and looking forward to the fall!

I LOVE fall. It's one of my favorite seasons (after spring!), so much so that I even have a Pinterest board devoted to my favorite fall looks!
But I love fall also because the leaves are changing, school is starting (I like that much better now that I'm out!), and new things start rolling in....

What kinds of new things? Well, for one, we'll begin our second year of the Not Alone Series! Exciting! Weekly topics and posts will begin again on September 2nd! As always, PLEASE send me or send Jen topic ideas! Or better yet, join our Facebook community and post your suggestions there! This is as much your series as it is ours! We want to talk about whatever YOU want to talk about!

So, lots of new things! Exciting things!

But this fall gives me another reason to be anticipatory....because....

Jen and I are going to be on CatholicTV!!!!

That's right!! Jen and I are going to Boston, MA to be on CatholicTV!

Ok, ok, ok....so here's how it all went down....Bonnie from CatholicTV reached out to Jen, asking her to be on This is the Day to talk about the Not Alone Series. Well, as y'all know, the NAS has been a collaborative effort between Jen and myself, so she asked if we could both be interviewed and Bonnie agreed!

What is this life?! How is this real?!

So, after much freaking out, frantic phone calls and texts, it's official! Jen and I will be travelling to Boston to be on CatholicTV in SEPTEMBER!!

Actually, ONE MONTH from today!!!

Here are the details...I still cannot believe this is reality!

What: Jen and Morgan of the Not Alone Series community on This is the Day
When: Friday, September 12, 2014, 10:30AM EST
Watch: LIVE online at CatholicTV.com OR on the CatholicTV YouTube channel after original broadcast
Follow: We'll be posting throughout our weekend in Boston and using #NASBoston to track our travels!

Morgan: Twitter | Instagram

Jen and I will be interviewed by Fr. Robert Reed and Jay Fadden! We are so excited! Never in a million years did we think that we'd EVER have the opportunity to share the Not Alone Series with a larger audience! 

For those who have been participating and following along since the beginning, you know that we started the NAS as a way to build solidarity and community. We wanted you to know that you are not broken, lost, or left behind. We wanted to share in the struggle.

The opportunity to minister to others who feel this way...other people who might feel broken, lost, or left behind....this opportunity is beyond words. The Lord clearly had some big plans in store for the NAS, and I cannot wait to see what He continues to do!

Please pray for us as we prepare for our trip to Boston! And please pray for anyone who might witness our appearance, that our witness might touch just one more soul who is searching for hope.

I'm excited to FINALLY be able to share in this excitement with all of you!!! We've been holding this in since MAY!! AH! 

Help us to spread the word about our being on CatholicTV by using #NASBoston, and make sure to follow CatholicTV on Twitter!!

Link up your freebie post at Jen's!


  1. EEEEEEEEK! :)

    Also... your "LET'S BE AWESOME" tag. That is incredible.

  2. SQUEEE!!!!! Bonnie truly is the best!!!! You'll have so much fun!! Speaking of, how long are you staying in Beantown? If longer than just interview day, this former (but still nearby and with a car!) Bostonian would love to meet up with you and show you around! Or at the very least some recommendations if you just have the day. Let me know!

  3. YEAH! So excited for y'all! Cannot wait to see what the Lord is doing, and privileged to be a part of it, in some small way!

  4. This is too cool! You guys are going to be great, can't wait to watch it! :)

  5. That is amazing!!! So excited for this opportunity for you both!! Thank you for forming this community and for letting it grow :)

  6. Awesome!!!!!!! You guys are going to be great. God is doing great work through you and Jen, I am so glad I get a front row seat to see it happening. #NASBoston!!!!!!

  7. So exciting!! Glory to God and looking forward to seeing you girls on TV! Love to both, Cindy


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