Friday, May 16, 2014

7 Quick Takes (29)

Well well well what do we have here?! A non-NAS post?! WOAH. Yep, that's right...I'm making a come-back people! Brace yourselves! :) Linking up with Jen in an attempt to ease myself back into the land of the blogging. :)

[1] This past weekend I had the absolutely WORST bout of allergies EVER. Perhaps it was mixed with a sinus infection, but regardless...Happy Mother's Day, can you take my temperature?

Yes I am a 24 year old adult and still want my mommy to take care of me when I'm sick.

The good news is that with all of the rain we've had this week, pollen counts are plummeting!
Hello breathing easy!

The bad news is that with all of the rain we've had this's been raining all week.
Hello humidity and crazy curls!

Furrr realzz.

[2] I've ready for some warm weather...heck, I'd settle for sunny and 55°. But thanks to Audrey's post on cute spring shoes, I'm back in my optimistic, "the sun will come out tomorrow let's hope maybe if the rain doesn't ruin it" mood :)

I'm pining for these babies.

[3] I cannot believe that I've yet to mention this in a blog post. If you've been around for any length of time (before I went all AWOL), you'll know that I have a severe attachment to the Patton clan.
Some would call me a stalker, I prefer affectionately attentive. I think they're cool with it.

But aaanyway, can we just pause for a moment and acknowledge:

a) how freaking cute/adorable/perfect little Miss Phoebe is?
b) how freaking cute/adorable/perfect the name "Phoebe Patton" is?
c) how much I love the 4 kid grams? LOVE.
d) how much I want Simace to adopt me. Please? I do diapers.

Lemme know, Grace. I'm (affectionately) yours :)

[4] Also, don't ask me how many times I've watched this video of the Patton kids meet their newest sib.
No, really...don't. If I answer I just might have to admit I have a problem.

[5] Move on, Morgan....

Ok, so have y'all heard 6' 2'' by Marie Miller? I know I've seen it shared by others before, but I stumbled upon it again and

Plus, turns out she's Catholic. I loved this article about how true and natural this desire/longing/etc for your spouse is. Solidarity, people!

[6] While I'm talking about music, I've been real sentimental lately thinking about how my baby sister is graduating from high school in a couple weeks. ahhhh when did she grow up?! ...and Compass by Lady Antebellum reminds me of her and this place in life.

My favorite line:

"So let your heart, sweetheart be your compass when you're lost and you should follow it wherever it may go"

This should be true for everyone, but especially as a soon-to-be HS's important :) I'm real pumped though that she'd decided to attend my alma mater and will only be 45 mins from me! Yay!

[7] I'm so excited for the next few weeks! I found out a little while ago that I was accepted into the 2014 Vita Institute at Notre Dame! I'll be staying on campus for a little more than a week at the beginning of June and studying various subjects in relation to the pro-life movement including philosophy, politics, law, social science, biology, etc. I cannot wait!

Well, that wasn't so hard! Maybe I'll be able to crank out another post in 3 months ;)
Have a lovely weekend! Check out the other Quick Takers over at Jen's!


  1. Oh my... poor Monica. But I can TOTALLY understand. I've had a 'fro for days. It can leave aaaaaanytime now. Happy Saturday!
    Country Girl's Daybook: Jesus, Fashion, & Food

  2. Another 24 year old who still wants her mommy when she's sick over here. And I think we all get your obsession with the Pattons because we all are, too!

    Whaaaaaaaaat. Congrats on the Vita Institute! Let me know if you have some free time!

  3. I read Putting Me Together, too! Summer has already arrived in Austin, though, so when it's only in the 70's, that's practically a cold day. (We did have 48 overnight this week, but it was back to the 80s by afternoon.)

    My baby brother is graduating from HS, as well. Makes me feel like a dinosaur. He'll be playing college football, which worries me, but I'm glad he will get to play (eventually). And it's a Catholic college, so maybe he'll be converted there.

  4. Ummm... I'm 29 and I still want my mom when I sick, too. I don't think that ever goes away.

    Glad to see you back, my dear!

  5. Wow I Never Knew About The Vita Institute!!!!! Totally Applying Next Year!

    1. Do it! It's the only program of it's kind!

  6. Congrats on the Vita Institute! Whoohoo! And I love hearing more from you - I sympathize with the hair :-)

  7. I share in your desire to be 'affectionately attentive' to Grace over at the Camp! The whole gang is totally adorable! I know her blog is all about the craziness of motherhood with 4 little ones - BUT she makes me think that I can do it too! Oh an inspiration!


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