Sunday, October 6, 2013

{OCM} Oil Cleansing Method

Recently, I've talked to a number of people about my current skin care regime and knowing how long I sought out something that worked, I thought I would share my secret :)

For the past 10+ years, I've been trying to find something, anything to minimize my acne. I ever expected flawless, air-brushed looking skin like some of my peers, I would have settled for combination skin with the occasional break-out.

Well, folks, I've found something that ACTUALLY works.

Let me walk you through my "skin history" so you can get an idea of what I've been dealing with.
Ever since puberty, I've had extremely oily skin combined with cystic acne. In high school and during some of college, it spread to my shoulders and chest.
After consulting my doctor, we tried a variety of treatments.

Topical creams and gels.
Oral meds.
The pill.
Every skin-care wash and toner than Wal*Mart carries.

For a few months in college, I even went on Accutane, which has majormajormajor side effects and should you become pregnant while on it, it will definitely cause birth defects. I had to go home on a monthly basis for blood tests to make sure my triglyceride levels were ok and that my kidneys & liver were still functioning correctly.

At the end of the day, NONE of these treatments worked. And to be honest, I had given up hope.
I'm a fairly confident person and have been outgoing for the most of my life, but no matter how confident you are, your appearance does take a toll on your self-esteem. It's definitely not the most important thing in the world, but there's an impact on how you feel about yourself that comes from how you feel that you look.

So when I read about the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) over here, I figured: "well, I've tried everything else, why not give this a shot?"

Read that post for a full overview of the OCM, but the cliffnotes version is that oil dissolves oil, so if we're trying to remove oil from our skin, wouldn't it make most sense to use oil? Also, by drying out our skin with salicydic acid and the like, we're only causing our skin to naturally produce more oil, thus: shiny faces by 10AM.

So it made sense, and I tried it out. That was in November '12.
I tried using the OCM following the suggested Castor Oil/EVOO combo for oily skin...and while I definitely saw a decrease in the severity of my acne, I wasn't pleased with how sticky and well, oily, my skin always felt.
My face felt very fresh immediately following "washing" it, but I never felt quite clean. For lack of a better word, I felt dirty.

So I only followed that article's method for about a month and then quit it.
Went back to my Clean and Clear and my apricot scrubs. Mmmmm I felt so clean.

But I was still unhappy with my skin, wishing that there was a different way to do the OCM.
Perhaps I needed to use less castor oil? Or less EVOO?

And that's when Mart turned me onto Coconut Oil. The Oil of the Gods.

Y'all, my life has forever been changed.

I tried the OCM again starting in mid-May and haven't stopped since.
My skin is clearer than it's ever been.
I don't feel sticky and face actually feels clean!

I do still have break-outs occasionally, but they're not nearly as severe as the ones that I used to have and they're usually at hormone-intensive times of the month, if you catch my drift ;)
And since I'm using an oil to wash my face, there aren't exfoliating "microbeads" like most face washes. So, I use this scrub about every other day or as needed to keep away blackheads and other build up.

For your curious cats, here's an outline of my current skincare routine:

At Night
1. Apply coconut oil onto face (I just scoop it out of the jar with my fingers) and massage into skin (on top on makeup!).
2. Use oil to remove eye makeup, etc...but don't wipe off yet!
3. Run a washcloth under hothothot water, wring out, and lay washcloth over your face to steam out your pores (I think that's what happens? I'm not an expert) (PS don't burn yourself!)
4. When the washcloth feels like it's cooled off, remove from face and begin to wipe/scrub in circular strokes the oil off of your're half wiping it off and half massaging it into your face still. I use this time to also gently scrub any blackheads, dry skin, etc.
5. That's it!

In the morning
Nothing. I shower, but I don't do anything else to my might want to try something different, but this is what works for me!

Here are a few observations/suggestions about the OCM:

1. If at first you don't see results, just keep trying - at least give it a month before throwing in the towel.
It will take your skin some time to get used to this new method...I didn't have any crazy breakouts, but your skin might be different from mine. And especially if you've been using drying medications and washes, your skin will need some time to adjust.

2. Using Coconut Oil and the OCM is SO MUCH cheaper than other face washes!
A jar of the oil I use is a little under $7 at Wal*Mart.
And I'm just now getting to the bottom of my jar.
Which I've been using every day since mid-May.
You do the math.

3. My mom read an article the other week saying that Coconut Oil is the only oil scientifically proven to reverse wrinkles!
And I've seen the same results from my acne scars! I was (and still am) a pimple popper. Add that to having cystic acne and you get lots of purple-ish scarring. I was always really careful when squeezin' anything out, but I did have some areas of my face where I never went without makeup.
Now, I don't see any discoloration. Wowza.

post-work...minimal shine!
Let me know if you have any questions! Remember that I'm not an expert, so if you're allergic to coconuts or oil or something, you probably shouldn't try this method....use your common sense, people! ;)

Here's to your success with the OCM! [I'm cheers-ing with my Lime-A-Rita...]

xo, mo


  1. Wow... I am so happy that you had success with this!! I tried it for a while... and it didn't help. I used Castor and Coconut, though. Huh. I am still making some dietary changes, so I want to see if that has any effect and then maybe I'll go back and try again.

    But, in the morning you don't feel like your skin is still oily?? I struggled with that. Do you wear makeup?? It just totally grosses me out to still feel oily and THEN put makeup on my face... and then go through the whole day. Ugh.

    Anywho.. SO happy you have found something that works!!! :) :)

    1. How long did you try it for? In my experience, the Castor Oil is what makes your skin feel sticky. I use Coconut Oil ONLY and in the morning my skin doesn't feel oily after I shower. And I do wear makeup, but I've found that the Coconut Oil seems to dry my skin out a bit, which sounds weird, but it's true!

      When I used Castor Oil, I hated putting makeup on because it just seemed like my makeup would slide off...but it isn't like that with the Coconut Oil :) Let me know if you try it again! I really think you'll like the Coconut Oil better!

  2. I looooove coconut oil! I've been sold since we went skiing in Utah in December and my face didn't dry out once and no sunburn! I'm bad about washing my face though, oops.

  3. I just recently started doing OCM as well but I'm doing castor oil and grapeseed oil. It has worked fairly well but I think enough people have convinced me to go with the coconut oil (and your post just solidified that) that I need to give it a shot!

    1. ooo grapeseed oil...I've never heard of that! Let me know how you like Coconut oil! I ADORE it. :)

    2. Yea I think I will go buy some today :)

  4. I used coconut oil on my hair/scalp for the first time this week end and it made my hair really soft. I also put some on my face and it made my skin soft. I am thinking about doing that regularly to keep my 40++ skin glowing. Coconut Manna is delicious and so good for you. I put it on toast. My friend has a product that she invented that uses papaya enzymes as an exfoliator. It is called Dispel. OMG It works to clear acne too. Thank you, Morgan for confirming my commitment to coconut oil! Cindy

  5. I have heard about the OCM but have always been a little (alot) sceptical to try it. I don't break out much but I do find that my skin can get extremely oily. I might give it a try.


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