Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Not Alone Series: envy and singlehood

Aaaaaand we're back for another topic in the Not Alone Series!
This week the topic is Envy and Singlehood...and this week I remembered that it's Tuesday!
However, I just moved and don't have wifi in my apartment yet, which is why I'm a tad bit late :)

We asked this week that everyone interpret the topic "Envy and Singlehood" however you wish, so I'm really excited to read all of the different perspectives/interpretations!

When I think about envy and how it relates to my current "status" as a single woman, I immediately recall moments (or days, weeks, months, etc.) when all I could think about was what others had that I wanted and why I didn't have that. I've talked before about how patience in the wait for "my future" to begin is a struggle. 
Well, I think envy is something that makes having that patience a very difficult feat.

It's so easy to be envious of your friends who are married when you so desire marriage.
It's so easy to be envious of the couple you see while people-watching at a coffeeshop when you so desire to have someone hold your hand and make you feel special.
It's so easy to be envious of the friend who seems to have it all together as a single person when you really do want to be "okay" with your single status.

So, ok, it's one thing to recognize that you have an issue with these things, it's another to take steps toward overcoming these vices. So what am I doing to overcoming this situation I have with envy?

Well, for one, I'm making a daily effort to recognize the GOOD in my life: as it is right now.

My life is pretty good right now. 
I just moved into my very own apartment and am now living by myself for the first time in my life.
A few of my friends from college are moving to town this month and I'm super excited to spend time with them!
This weekend, I'm travelling to Charlotte, NC for my boss's wedding!
These are all GREAT things about my life as it is right now.

Now, that's not to say that I don't have my own struggles...like spending my entire summer raising support.
BUT with all of the travelling I've been doing, it makes me wonder if I could even juggle a relationship and all that I have going on right now. I honestly think being single throughout this fundraising-my-salary time period is best.

Also, prayer is really great. If you can get into (or in my case, back into) a good prayer routine, things just seem to be a lot easier...I think that's what they call grace. ;)

But the envy is always there....no matter how hard you try, when you're vulnerable and feeling weak, it creeps in. And I really believe that the only way to truly combat it is to acknowledge that this is something you are dealing with it and just make the effort to push past it every day. 
Denial ain't getting us nowhere.
If we are aware and prepared for these feelings of envy, hopefully we can deal with them head on and hopefully in the most productive way possible.

I can't wait to read all of the other thoughts on envy and singlehood over at Jen's!


Next week's topic:
what did you do to take a step toward your vocation? we're excited to share and learn about your experiences!

Thank you to everyone who emailed us about your topic ideas! Jen and I are working on making up a new schedule and getting that out to y'all ASAP! But in the meantime, please don't hesitate to continue to send us what YOU would like to talk about!

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  1. "I'm making a daily effort to recognize the GOOD in my life: as it is right now." Ahh I need to sing this!

  2. Denial ain't getting us nowhere. - This is so true. It is not always easy but it is so much better and easier to work through when acknowledged


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