Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet!

I'm Morgan: 3 years post-undergrad and central Illinois resident.

I'm blessed to work in the pro-life movement, fitting since I really love babies.
Like a lot.
My cousin Jason says I have a baby radar and I think he might be right...

I serve with an organization which builds college students into pro-life leaders so they, in turn, build a Culture of Life. I really love it. I've been serving in this field since graduation and these past years have been filled with joys, struggles, tears, and hope.

Every. single. day. I'm humbled to be a part of my generation's civil rights movement. My work in this movement is one, vital piece in the puzzle and it's really incredible to be able to be part of such a monumental time in our country's history.

I have the most hilarious family. As the eldest of four, I passed on many lessons to my siblings, such as "how to speak in broken Spanish to confuse our parents".
If you think my siblings and I are crazy, you should meet my parents. But really, you should.
They're da best.

I'm head over heels in love with Jesus Christ, my Catholic faith, and our Holy Mother Church.
Life as a single lady in this world is the single most confusing and exhilarating experience. But, with a little faith and a boatload of trust, I'm learning how to not just survive, but thrive where I've been planted.

So come on, friend! Pop a squat and read along as I attempt to "follow and believe".
Oh yes I did.

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