Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Not Alone Series: Selfies

Do you support the selfie trend? Do you think it promotes self absorption, vanity and narcissism? Is there a way to incorporate selfies into the Church's teachings of modesty, authentic beauty, humility? 
Thanks to Hannah!

How do I feel about selfies? Basically what the second part of the above definition says.

Do I take "selfies" with friends? Yes.
Do my sister and I get a little crazy with Snapchat selfies and holiday selfies and baby selfies? Duh.

Buuuut there's a line.

No judgement, I don't think that selfies are inherently evil. However, I have unfollowed people on Instagram who seem to have the need to post a picture of themselves every. single. day.

Now, if you're with friends or just got your bridesmaid dress or are meeting your bffs baby for the first time....go for it, take that selfie. But the selfies that I'm opposed to are the self-gratifying, attention-seeking pictures. 

I'm talking about the pictures where the girl looks frazzled, yet perfectly coiffed and captions with a "days like today that I just can't wait to go home..."

Really? Is that necessary?

Again, do what you want...buuuut I might unfollow after these posts become a daily occurrence.

I think what this boils down to is our inculturated need to be constantly connected to people...which actually leads to disconnection. We post pictures and updates on what we're eating, where we're going, who we're seeing, what we're doing....so much so that we lose touch with the current moment.

We stop living simply to tell people what we're up to.

And I'm guilty of it too, to be sure. Did I really need to tweet a couple nights ago about my new loud neighbors? Or did I really need to post a picture of my fabulous Jamberry nails? Probably not. 

The world around us doesn't need a filter and neither do you. Maybe we need to pocket our phones and just be.

But first, lemme take a selfie.

What do you think about the selfie fad? Leave a comment below, or write your own post and link it up!


  1. I hear you on not being present in the moment. If you're only doing something because it would make a great selfie, or if you're *delaying* something because you have to take a selfie, you're missing out on life.

  2. Hi Morgan! I just found your blog through CatholicTV and I can not express how happy I am to finally find a blog/community that speaks to me!
    Selfies are definitely something I don't understand and that make me uncomfortable. Not in a self-conscious way, but rather in a "I'm trying to implement modesty daily" kind of way. I don't mind selfies for snapchat, like you said, because they are like a photo conversation between you and the receiver.
    I was thinking on the bus today that I really miss the 90's and the presence that we had in our daily activities. I also miss the feeling that we don't control anything. A selfie to me is just you photoshopping yourself, and toying with your image in a weird way. There's no joy, no love, and no God in those pictures.
    Thanks for getting the conversation started!!

    1. I'm so glad you found us!! Thanks for joining the conversation! :)


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