Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Not Alone Series: Bachelorette Parties!

Hello and welcome back! Today we're talking about something fuuun: Bachelorette parties!

It's inevitable that we'll attend or plan a friend's Bachelorette party at some point or another, but how do we make them fun without all the raunch? Give us your ideas for fun things to do with a bridal party without all the crazy!

I love everything about celebrating weddings. 
The dress fittings, the bridal showers, the gift-giving, the last minute emergencies, EVERYTHING.

However, the prospect of a bachelorette party makes me slightly apprehensive. Don't get me wrong, I love parties...but depending on who plans the night, it could be potentially uncomfortable.

Thankfully, I've never been to a stereotypical bachelorette party, although one of my cousin's bridesmaids did send her a box of "goodies"....thank God she opened that after we all got home.
Why would anyone want to wear a necklace or headband with genitals on it? No thanks.

The one and only tip I have for planning a bachelorette party is to tailor the night for your bride. My vision for every bachelorette party I've planned is the ultimate girls night out, with the specific bride in mind.

My dear friend J got married when we were 20, so bars and other 21+ venues were out of the question. So we all took the train into the city (Chicago) for a day at the zoo and hanging out with one another. This certainly wasn't a classic bach party, but it was perfect for us at the time. And really, it was what J wanted...she loved it because we planned it for her.

K's bachelorette party was right after we graduated from college. But even while we were in school, going out to bars and dancing wasn't in her comfort zone. So, again, we went into the city for the day, hung out at Navy Pier at night, and staying in a lush hotel suite for the night. It was so fun and the perfect post-graduation pre-wedding celebration.

Before my cousin's wedding this summer, we celebrated with dinner and attending an improv show. Low-key and chill, exactly what she wanted.

And in 3 months, when we celebrate the upcoming nuptials of one of my best friends, we'll be opting for a classic GNO bar-hopping with nary an anatomical headband in sight. Because this is what she's asked for.

When it comes down to it, bachelorette parties don't have to live up to any particular standard, just make sure you plan the perfect night for your bride. Perhaps it isn't the perfect night for everyone in attendance, but what matters is that the bachelorette has the night with her girls that she wanted.

 What are your ideas for non-raunchy bachelorette parties? Link up your post below!


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Please email us any topic suggestions you have! Jen and I want to select topics that pertain to your life! Help us plan the next topic schedule! :)


  1. Love the zoo idea!! And totally agree that having to wear anything genital related (straws are so awkward too!) is just weird!!

  2. I like that your main point was do what the bride wants. Really this is all about her and if she doesn't or does want 20 people in attendance than do what she wants....within reason.

  3. I totally agree that you need to have the bride somewhat involved in the planning. I kept asking my sister for ideas and she didn't really want to be involved in the planning but I wanted to make sure we ended up doing something she'd like and not regret.


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